Wednesday, January 16, 2008

Long Time...

Lets see whats new in the world without gluten. This week I won a contest featuring Amy's Products given by the Celiac Chicks. Their website is When I get the package next wensday I will give a indepth review of all the products they will send me.

Interesting thing I noticed yesterday on the View. They were giving the audience members veggie chips and cohost Elissabeth Hasselback who also has celiac disease started to read the ingrediants in the back right away. It was great for once actually seeing somebody besides me reading the list of ingredients.

Friday, December 21, 2007

Sorry It Took So Long

For the few if any readers of my wonderful blog I am sorry I haven't posted any new blogs since November. First of all, my beautiful and great financee lost her mom exactly on the day 13 months after she lost her dad. So I was running back and forth between Long Island and Rockland County.

Now lets talk about happier times. I went to Rissoteria's again for the second time a few weeks back and once again it was an amazing experience. They know sell gluten free cake and brownie mixes but i once again bought the chocalete chip cookie dough.

Now lets talk about my biggest discovery of the past month which is Chebe Bread. A little culinary knowledge about that naturally gluten free bread. It comes from Brazil where it is found everywhere from resturants, peoples homes and every where else people eat. It is a type of bread made from cheese and tapioca starch. Now its being sold in the USA as Chebe Bread and can be purchased online at and at many fine retailers like Back To Earth in New City NY and Jandis in Oceanside NY. It is a miracle product and having made biscuits and rolls so far its simple to do with the mix. If you want to get even simpler then you can buy the frozen mix and just reheat it in the oven.

Another awesome discovery is From Joan's GF Great Bakes out of Bellmore Long Island NY. It is her bagels. Oh my god! So fucking awesome! Stacey my financee cant get enough of them. The are in my opinion better then so called regular bagels. I just found out from her son that her store in bellmore has just cleared through all the local red tape and will be opening soon. Her website is She also makes cookies and froozen pizza dough and english muffins which I havent tried yet. I bought these great bagels at The Gluten Free Mart in Fairlawn NJ.

Have a happy GF Holiday!

Tuesday, November 6, 2007

The Gluten Free Market in Fair Lawn NJ

I went to the Thanksgiving Party last Saturday at The Gluten Free Market and here is my review. The address of the store is 7-09 Fair lawn Avenue in Fair Lawn NJ. The party which really was a gluten free taste tasting was nice. There was a salad with GF Salad Dressing. I passed on this cause I wanted to try the rest of the goodies on display. I did try the gf dipps which they were sampling. I can't recall the names and they were only so-so on tastes. They had turkey with gravey which tasted great. They had GF stuffing and plenty of desserts from Mr Ritts and The Grainless Baker. Mr Ritts came all the way from Philadephia PA to discuss his products. I loved his Ginger Bread Man cookies and Im not even a big ginger bread man person. It was totally awesome. Tasted like the real thing. I bought a package in the store for my self and my future mom in law (not even gluten intolerant) had to buy a box. I am glad I got to experience this Jersey City Celiac Meetup event.

Now for the store itself. The selection of products was amazing. You had products from all the leading GF companies. For once it was nice to be able to buy all your gf products in one place. They had many products that I always wanted to try but was only able to order them online which I prefer not doing except for which offers no shipping and amazing deals. Price wise the store seemed to be average priced to a bit pricer on certain items I usually buy.
My shopping bag included Glutino Pretzals (large Bag), Mr Rits Sugar Cookies Froozen dough 4lb package, S'Better Gluten Free Corn Dogs, Mr Rits Gingerbread men cookies, Joan's GF Bake Bagels, Mrs Leppers Lasgana meal and a bottle of Old Philly Orange Cream Flavored Soda.Over all if you live in the area I highly recommend this store where the owners are very nice and helpful and willing to answer all your questions.

Wednesday, October 31, 2007

Random Thoughts

Cant wait to go to the Thanksgiving Party at The Gluten Free Market in Fairlawn NJ from 1P-3PM on Saturday November 3, 2007. Cant wait to try some Mr Ritts Baked products and walk down the asiles with out having to read ingredient labels.

I hope Starbucks will start producing GF products so I can go there with my financee who loves there coffee. Dont forget to call them at their customer service number to let them know you want GF Goodies.

Sunday, October 21, 2007

Heaven On Earth!

Saturday evening My Finance and I went to see The Awesome 80's Prom a off broadway interactive show playing at Webster Hall in Manhattan. This show was fun and we had a great time with the free tickets we had won from a radio station at a car show from a classic car show a few weeks before. Now we get to the great part.

Remember the 80's Pop Classic "Heaven is a Place On Earth" by ex GoG0's member Belinda Carlisle? She must have been talking about the Italian restuarant Risotteria. I must say I have been so scared yet so wantingly wanting to go to this Sagat Rated eating establishment. I have been reading reviews about this place since last Spring. When I first see it is the outside appearance was very nice fitting in with the rest of West Village neighborhood. Like they say the wait for a table was about 25 minutes (and this was at 1015 PM) since the place was as small as they say.

When you walk inside you are greeted by the nicest aromas of Italian cuisine. Your eyes cant stop wandering from the dishes on the patrons tables to the collection of gluten free beers on the counter and all the gluten free brownies, cookies, cupcakes in the desert case. The staff is very nice and have a great knowledge of Celiac Disease. It was great to actually talk with the waitress about Gluten Intolerance and she actually not looking at you like you are a 3 eye green alien from the planet Jupiter.

First when you are seated they serve you GF breadsticks in a glass. I took one bite and realized that I was in store for a great dinner. We immediately requested and recieved a second serving of breadsticks. Now to the actual tastes of the foods that we ordered. I had of course the gluten free thin crust pizza with mozella. Wow it was awesome. The first time since I stopped eating "real" pizza that I had GF Pizza with the dough actually have the consistency and texture of normal pizza. My finance had the same except the pizza had gluten and she loved it. We also shared a GF ceaser salad with crotons. We ate the salad like there was no tomarrow.

Now this is where a slight problem arouse. I was totally stuffed except i was planning on having one of their on premise baked desserts. So we decided to share a sandwich cookie with fudge in the middle. Wow I had a gastronomical orgasm when I ate it. The fudge in the middle tasted like my child hood all time favorite cookie which they stopped making years before i was dianosed as a Celiac. The cookies were called Fudgetown Cookies and had a cowboy on the box and they were last made by Salerno.

I did have some left over pizza, breadsticks and that cookie left which I immediately ate for breakfest this morning. Having left over pizza was a treat that I missed from my days of gluten and it tasted just has good as when I ate it last night. Plus i did purchase some GF Pizza and breadstick dough and chocolate chip cookie dough. That i will try later on this week. Over all the restuarant was very clean, the staff professional and excellant and the restuarant has become my favorite place in the city to eat. I will diffinately eat there again and again.

The address is 270 Bleeker Street in the West Village in Manhattan. Their website is .

Thursday, October 18, 2007

Still havent purchase a new PC but I wanted to share some thoughts. An update on the Trader Joe's Gluten Free Ginger Snaps I mentioned in my last post. They are excellent. Great tasting, texture is like a "real" cookie except it was a little harder in consisteny. Even the bag it came in was nice cause it had a ziplock top so the uneaten cookies stayed fresh. But my word of advice is once you eat one cookie you are gonna want to eat at least half the bag.

Finally I am gonna try out Risotteria on Saturday nite. I have been dying to go to this place for a long time and since me and my finance are going to be in the City to see the Awesome 80's prom @ Webster Hall I figured would be a great time to have some legendary gluten free pizza and gluten free breadsticks and desserts. I am gonna take some pictures there to post on this blog.

Anheiser Busch won the award for thebest GF Beer for their Red Bridge line of Beer. This is a personal favorite of mine since it amazingly tastes like a regular Bud. Monarch Beverages in Long Beach has this and Ramapo Valley Beers in stock. Also Uncle Guisseppi's Market in East Meadow also has it. Out in California I hear CVS Drugs stores also carry it.

Monday, October 15, 2007

Uncle Giuseppes' Market

Sorry my computer crashed with a virius so I am in the process of getting a new PC. I went to Trader Joe's yesterday with my financee and bought some gluten-free ginger snaps. I havent actually eaten them yet so I cant offer any opinion on them. The price was right though 1.99 for a nice size bag.

If you live in Long Island Uncle Giuseppe's Market is the place to go. It's a private family owned smaller type of supermarket with an excellant butcher and catering department. But if you must check out the Gluten-Free section which is constantly expanding. They have foods from Every Body Eats. I always buy the six pack of cupcakes (3 each of chocolate and vanilla with icing) from the grainless baker. They have most types of gluten free pasta especially some imported from Italy. They even have the Red Bridge Gluten Free beer by Budwiser. There website is I shop in the East Meadow location since it is across the street from the hospital where I work. I even emailed them thanking them for the support they give by offering such a choice of gluten free foods.