Sunday, October 21, 2007

Heaven On Earth!

Saturday evening My Finance and I went to see The Awesome 80's Prom a off broadway interactive show playing at Webster Hall in Manhattan. This show was fun and we had a great time with the free tickets we had won from a radio station at a car show from a classic car show a few weeks before. Now we get to the great part.

Remember the 80's Pop Classic "Heaven is a Place On Earth" by ex GoG0's member Belinda Carlisle? She must have been talking about the Italian restuarant Risotteria. I must say I have been so scared yet so wantingly wanting to go to this Sagat Rated eating establishment. I have been reading reviews about this place since last Spring. When I first see it is the outside appearance was very nice fitting in with the rest of West Village neighborhood. Like they say the wait for a table was about 25 minutes (and this was at 1015 PM) since the place was as small as they say.

When you walk inside you are greeted by the nicest aromas of Italian cuisine. Your eyes cant stop wandering from the dishes on the patrons tables to the collection of gluten free beers on the counter and all the gluten free brownies, cookies, cupcakes in the desert case. The staff is very nice and have a great knowledge of Celiac Disease. It was great to actually talk with the waitress about Gluten Intolerance and she actually not looking at you like you are a 3 eye green alien from the planet Jupiter.

First when you are seated they serve you GF breadsticks in a glass. I took one bite and realized that I was in store for a great dinner. We immediately requested and recieved a second serving of breadsticks. Now to the actual tastes of the foods that we ordered. I had of course the gluten free thin crust pizza with mozella. Wow it was awesome. The first time since I stopped eating "real" pizza that I had GF Pizza with the dough actually have the consistency and texture of normal pizza. My finance had the same except the pizza had gluten and she loved it. We also shared a GF ceaser salad with crotons. We ate the salad like there was no tomarrow.

Now this is where a slight problem arouse. I was totally stuffed except i was planning on having one of their on premise baked desserts. So we decided to share a sandwich cookie with fudge in the middle. Wow I had a gastronomical orgasm when I ate it. The fudge in the middle tasted like my child hood all time favorite cookie which they stopped making years before i was dianosed as a Celiac. The cookies were called Fudgetown Cookies and had a cowboy on the box and they were last made by Salerno.

I did have some left over pizza, breadsticks and that cookie left which I immediately ate for breakfest this morning. Having left over pizza was a treat that I missed from my days of gluten and it tasted just has good as when I ate it last night. Plus i did purchase some GF Pizza and breadstick dough and chocolate chip cookie dough. That i will try later on this week. Over all the restuarant was very clean, the staff professional and excellant and the restuarant has become my favorite place in the city to eat. I will diffinately eat there again and again.

The address is 270 Bleeker Street in the West Village in Manhattan. Their website is .

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