Wednesday, January 16, 2008

Long Time...

Lets see whats new in the world without gluten. This week I won a contest featuring Amy's Products given by the Celiac Chicks. Their website is When I get the package next wensday I will give a indepth review of all the products they will send me.

Interesting thing I noticed yesterday on the View. They were giving the audience members veggie chips and cohost Elissabeth Hasselback who also has celiac disease started to read the ingrediants in the back right away. It was great for once actually seeing somebody besides me reading the list of ingredients.

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jack said...

4 weeks on it now. Horrible detox symptoms first few weeks. Still dealing with all my garbage. Siliac, ileocecal valve, gas pains and interstitial cyctitis. All seem to be improving with this diet. I know 4 weeks isn't a long time. I guess I have to be patient. Most interested in i.c. getting better. 4 years now. Was in remission a year but now it's back. It's not the worst case of it ever but haiving it at all sucks. How long before you feel really better?